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    With three branches to choose from in St John’s, getting a loan is just a quick click, call or short drive away. Find out if you could qualify for a loan and learn how to apply – you could have your money as soon as today.

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    About Fairstone

    How to get a personal loan in St. John's

    Apply for a loan in three simple steps:
    • step 1

      Get an online quote

      Answer a few simple questions and receive your loan quote in minutes. There is no obligation and no impact to your credit score.

    • step 2

      Connect with a Lending Specialist

      A Lending Specialist will contact you to customize your loan.

    • step 3

      Complete the loan application

      You can submit the required documents online or in person at one of our St. John's branches, depending on the type of loan you choose.

    Once your application is finalized you could have your money in as little as 24 hours.

    Types of loans in St. John's

    Here are the personal loans available at your local branch:

      Unsecured personal loan

    • Loan amounts: Borrow $500-$25,000 as soon as the day you apply
    • Loan term: 6-60 months
    • Homeownership required: No homeownership required
    • Prepayment penalty: No pre-payment penalties so you can pay off the loan when it’s convenient for you

      Secured personal loan

    • Loan amounts: Borrow $5,000-$50,000
    • Loan term: 36-120 months
    • Homeownership required: Yes
    • Access a lower interest rate, lower payments and more money than with an unsecured personal loan

    What do I need to qualify for a personal loan?

    To finalize your loan application, you’ll need to provide verification documents:

    • Valid personal identification – either one piece of primary identification like a driver’s licence or passport, or two pieces of secondary identification like a Canadian birth certificate or current bank statement with your full name and address
    • Employment or income verification like a current T4 or pay stub
    • Housing information like a mortgage statement or lease agreement

    Learn more about the verification documents required for your loan.

    About Fairstone

    Why choose one of our St. John's branches for your loan?

    Not only do we have three convenient branches located in St. John's, you can also complete your loan application online. Additionally, we’ve been providing Canadians with responsible loans for almost 100 years.

    About Fairstone

    The St. John's community

    Together, Newfoundland and Labrador make up the easternmost province in Canada. Newfoundland’s capital city, St. John’s, is the oldest city in the country. St. John’s economy originally relied on fishing, but in recent decades, has shifted to oil and gas.

    While the population remains relatively small, there are many reasons to enjoy this provincial capital, such as historic British colonial buildings, a brightly coloured historic neighborhood named Jelly Bean Row and several arts and culture festivals all year round, including George Street Festival and Mardi Gras.